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LJ Idol Week 3 - Smile!

My last LJ Idol post was about the long battle my husband and I fought to get pregnant. This week's topic lends itself perfectly as a follow-up.

When a child is first born, leading experts claim their "smiles" are just gas. Only after the first few months are the smiles the result of happiness, and only months after that does a child smile socially.

And maybe that's all true, but those early intestinal disturbances break a mother's heart with love.

Roland's first on camera smile

This photo was taken when Roland was a little less than two months old, and is the first "real" smile I caught on camera. He was laying on a blanket on the couch while I sat next to him. After that, the smiles came often.

Roland smiling in his bassinet

This photo is a month later, while he played in his bassinet in our living room. I stayed home the first nine months of his life, so photographic evidence of these early smiles abounds.

A brilliant smile while Roland sits up with his Boppy

At six months, the smiles happened so often I just had to get the camera out every so often to capture the best ones. This one is on the couch again, sitting up with his boppy.

A rare smile in the carseat

This smile is important, because Roland HATED his carseat. To capture a picture of him grinning in "The Chair," was a miracle!

A transcendent 9 month old with his daddy around Halloween

Roland at ten months in his spiderweb jacket, outside at my husband's fall company picnic.

At 12 months, a great big smile

Roland is 12 months old here, getting ready for Christmas. The background is dark, so all you can really see is his brilliant smile.

Sitting in a mass of tiny shells with a scooper

Roland at 18 months, on the beach in the Outer Banks. He has a plastic sifter for the shells, but seems to be using it more as a prop for the picture- he mostly dug with his hands!

Back on the couch, horsing around

And this is Roland now. Nearly two, he's horsing around on the armchair in the living room. The requisite toddler grime is in evidence here, as well.

Roland's famous model smile

This is my son's quintessential smile photo. Taken at eight months, he turned to smile at me off-camera in the photo studio and the photographer captured this incredible image. I have a 10x13 up on the wall at my house. It is my favorite photo taken of Roland during the first year of his life.

A child's smile makes a mother's heart warm and light with love. My son's has always made me melt.

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