ofstarsandstone ([personal profile] ofstarsandstone) wrote2009-11-22 10:01 pm

LJ Idol Voting Time

It's that time. I didn't publicize the last two votes because one of them was for community-members only and I didn't feel right asking anyone else to join a community they had no interest in. The other one was my pie recipe, and the vote was over a weekend- generally when my friends list is away from their computers. This week the voting ends on Wednesday.

It took me a while to decide what to write this time, with the theme "Bearing False Witness."

The Poll

My Entry

If you like what I wrote, please vote! This has given me an excuse to blog about something here on LJ other than NaNo!

And speaking of NaNo, here's my progress:

42327 / 50000

I wanted to be at 45k today, but it was the first day in a long time that Steve was home a whole day, so I spent most of the day with him and Roland. No regrets! I just won't be finished before Thanksgiving unless I give up a lot of sleep this week.